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How this Journey Started?

After the proclamation of the revered saints, the nationwide creative Goseva Mahaabhiyaan began on 17 September 1993 from Anandavan Pathmeda, the sacred land of Dwarka, India, and our journey was very challenging. On the same day, 22 Vedalakshana Gomata were being transported to a slaughterhouse in Gujarat on the National Highway 15 and 8 Savatsa Gomata being taken to the border of Pakistan were rescued from the Gomata smugglers and brought to this land by the guardians of Sanchore. On the request of the local Gomata devotees and with the blessings of revered Brahmarshi Shri Magaramji Rajguru, and revered Shri Gotrashiji, the inauguration of this concept with the arrival of the aforementioned Vedlakshana Gomata started. On the holy festival of Vedalakshana Gogeeta Jayanti Festival held in 1993, this Goseva project was named ‘Shri Godham Mahatirtha Anandavan Pathmera’ by the Goshti and revered Gosevapremi saints.

PujyaGomata is a source of strength and has medicinal properties to quench the toxin in the entire universe. According to natural science, one Vedalakshana Gomata is capable of giving nutrition to a million animals because they give you nourishment and have abundant and vital elements to cure various diseases. Due to the nutritious and enriching nature of the Gomata, it has been given the place of worshiping mother in the Apaurusheya Vedas and Indian culture. In Vedalakshana, Gomata are not only cared for but Gomata urine is used in Ayurveda medicine and their milk and milk products are used to make pure breakfasts or sweets. We have medicines for many types of diseases which have been used successfully for a year

Even today in India, inspired by compassion, the work of protecting and serving the Gomata species is being done by the religious saints. There are thousands of Goseva ashrams in the country where the different types of Gomata get shelter. Goseva is performed with great reverence in the ashrams, but the work is going on with limited symbolism and righteousness, while the practice of neglecting and killing the Gomata cattle is widespread, subject to the excessive craving for industrial wealth and excessive selfishness on the basis of the economy. Our religious institutions save only 5 percent of the Gomata cattle, the remaining 95 percent of the bovine economically fall prey to the self-sufficiency of cruel human beings. If we want to avoid the terrible destruction and damage that occurs as a result of killing such a large number of Gomata, then the entire Gomata have to be protected. For this, the revolutionary Gosseva Mahabhayan is absolutely necessary.

Anandavan Pathmeda is the holy and captivating land of the country where Lord Krishna stopped in the month of Shravan and Bhadrapada while going from Kurukshetra to Dwarka. He brought the most milch, combative, courageous, brave, gentle, Brahmwaroopa Vedalakshana Gomata from Vrindavan for grazing and wandering. Saint-heartedly, this nation-wide creative Goseva Mahabhiyan was expressed on the land of Anandavan of Shri Godham Mahatirtha Pathmeda due to the suffering of the Gomata cattle. We hope that you too will join our campaign and help us in running it successfully.

Core Values

The purpose of forming this institution is to express feelings of kindness. This institution is against any kind of cheap politics, discrimination, and selfishness. Individualism, religiousism, and groupism also have no place in it. This institution believes in co-existence. It follows the fundamental principles that others’ interests will be our own interest. Any of its tendencies only works to connect the individual, society, and country. In order to continue the nationwide Goseva Mahabhiyan of Shri Godham Mahathirth Pathmeda in a peaceful manner, such dedicated, disciplined, and hard-working Gomata devotees are being prepared through them Vedlakshana Gomata of Dhenu Conservation, Earth Sustenance, Nature Finishing, Environmental Refinement, and Sanatan Culture, all efforts will be made to create a happy future with the present sorrow of the entire living world including mankind.

Our Work

Through Shri Godham Mahatirth Pathmeda, protection, shelter, food, and treatment to struggling and ill-treated Gomata are given at Goseva ashrams and other charitable projects established and operated in various parts of the country including Rajasthan and Gujarat. Also, to cooperate, Shri Godham Mahatirth Pathmeda Lokpunayartha Nyas has been duly constituted on 7th April 2017 by the revered Gotrishi Swami Shri Dattasharnanandji. We are working on many projects related to Gomata cattle.


Visit Our Other Website

Visit our other website to know more about our dedication and activities towards Gomata, with the only aim that the upcoming generation knows our tradition and respect nature.

Gosanrakshan and Gosamvardhan

One of our priorities is to provide information to people about Vedlakshana cattle and to make people aware of their importance. Efforts are being made to promote the breeds through traditional and modern methods through the Gosamvardhan Abhiyan. Our aim is to provide complete protection and nurturing of Gomata afflicted by mankind.

Shri Dhanwantri Gochikitsalay

In all the big gaushalas established and operated by Shri Godham Mahathirth Pathmeda, there is a department of sensitive service project “Shri Dhanvantari Gochikitsalay (Hospital)”. After the primary “investigation and treatment” in Shri Dhanwantari Gochikitsalay, the Gomata cattle are “transferred” to various categories of departments according to their physical condition and needs like severely helpless, sick, injured, and aged. The Gomata are admitted to Dhanwantari till they get fully recovered.

Panchgavya Parishkaran and Viniyog

Our aim is that each countryman should get good quality Gomata products. In this, organic compost made from Gomata dung is prepared and distributed to the Gopalak farmers in the surrounding villages, which are used in food production. The food, water, and air that humans receive today are not pure and so many diseases also occur. Hence Panchgavya medicines are manufactured by Gomata urine, gomay, and ghee and are made available at cheap rates. Apart from this, delicious and nutritious cookies and sweets are also made from Gomata milk and ghee.

Surbhi Panchkarma Chikitsalay

Panchakarma is considered a major part of Ayurveda. As the name suggests it is a five-step process for a complete detoxifying and rejuvenating experience. Basically, it is a cleansing technique where the body has to be cleansed through various processes. It works best with the use of medicinal diseases that help to get rid of toxins and eliminate impurities from the human body.

Gomay Khad Utpadan

Vedic Go Utpad Foundation : Various products produced from Gomata are also very important in modern agriculture through which chemical fertilizers and pesticides are made to help farmers. The land is now no longer cultivable due to the high use of DAP and urea. Such wasteland is also being made fertile with Vedalakshana Gomata manure and is being made beneficial for both Gomata and Gomata farmers.

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