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Cow-Dung Cakes


Cakes made from Indian holy cow’s dung are considered sacred and have a prominent place in Indian ceremonies especially in pujas.



These cakes are made of Indian holy cow’s dung that is considered sacred and has a prominent place in Indian ceremonies especially in pujas. The fire tends to purify the air by burning dry cow dung cakes; it is anti-pollutant and has anti-radiation qualities that benefit the environment. It has been proven that the smoke emitted from the burning of cow dung is effective in repelling insects and mosquitoes.

When to use

During the morning and evening, you can use this to purify the air.


Its smoke acts as an insect repellent purify the air and reduce pollution.


Every day and during fasting days put cow-dung cakes in a big spoon and burn them with pure deshi ghee, camphor and rice and let the smoke spread in your house or office.


Desi cow dung and gomutra

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