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Vedic Makoy Ark is highly recommended f you are having some problem with liver or kidney functioning.

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If you are having some problem with liver or kidney functioning then Vedic Makoy Ark is highly recommended. For those who have infections related to urine then the chemicals and anti-microbial properties present in Makoy make it one of the best options for curing the disease. If you regularly consume this herbal medicine then its rich anti-oxidants can help improve your liver system. This plant’s oxidative quality maintains the levels of oxygen high in the body and helps to normalize the functioning of each organ. Using Vedic Makoy Ark continuously for 3 months helps to remove the kidney stone.

When to use

Best during liver & kidney disorders helps relief from kidney stone problem.


Improves kidney-related problems like kidney contraction, urinary obstruction, or urethral stricture. Reduce swelling of the liver.


Every morning and evening 2 tsp with water or as directed by the physician.


Cow urine (Boss Indicus by Product) and Makoy (Solanum Nigrum)

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